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Foster Parent Night Out

Being a parent is a hard work and being a foster parent is even harder.
We want to make sure we do everything we can to support the families and
caregivers of foster children 
with the hope of lowering the burnout rate.

September 13 -





Taking a break for summer!  Join us again on

September 13, 2024!

Drop your kids off for a night of fun while you get a well deserved break!


We will have trained caregivers that will engage and play with your children.

Foster, adopted, and biological kids of all ages are welcome.

Dinner and activities will be provided!

Please click the sign up button if you would like to take

advantage of this well deserved break!

Space is limited.  

If you are interested in hanging out with these amazing kids,

please click the volunteer button. 

If you would like to sponsor a Foster Parent Night Out, please

click the button below. The average cost of a FPNO evening is $500.

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We are the proud recipients of the
Idaho Resilience Project Grant! 

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