When foster children are removed from their home, they leave behind their family and all that is familiar to them. The circumstances are often traumatic and the children feel alone and scared.


Many times, a child might arrive at their new home with nothing but the clothes they have on. They are often taken from school and don't get a chance to go home and get another change of clothes.


How special would it be for a child to receive a backpack filled with things just for them that are brand new and their size?  This would make the scary hard transition a little easier on everyone involved.


Journey Bags provide a tangible way to meet some of the needs of a child in crisis as well as show their caregivers & social workers that we are here and that we care. We want them to know from the beginning of placement that we are not just handing them a backpack and walking away, but we want to walk this journey with them. 

If you would like to fill a Journey Bag
for a foster child or if you know of a
foster family that would benefit from a Journey Bag, please contact us or check out our amazon wish list!

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or email us at tara@villageofhopecda.com
Journey Bags can be picked up and filled

anytime during the year. Please return the full Journey Bag within 2 weeks. 

Here’s an example of what's included in a Journey Bag:


Girl 2T

  • 1 Baby/Kid Wash     

  • 1 Baby Lotion    

  • 1 Comb or Brush   

  • 1 reusable water bottle    

  • 2 Pajamas           

  • 2 Outfits           

  • 1 Small pack of socks 

  • 1 Small pack of underwear 

  • 1 Soft Blanket  

  • 1 Stuffed Animal

  • 1 Book

  • 1 Activity Book & 1 Pack of Crayons

  • 1 Jesus Storybook Bible 

  • 1 Small Toy

  • 1 Kids toothbrush and toothpaste

  • 1 Small pack of hair ties  

  • An encouraging anonymous note :)

journey bag backpack_edited.png